Tired of juggling numbers and conversion rates?

KDPWiz aggregates your sales and KU page reads, converts foreign sales in the currency of your choice, and gives you a projection of your global KDP income in a few seconds.

KDPWiz is free and anonymous. The tool is in version 2.0 beta.

Fill in this form to calculate a projection of your income in the currency of your choice:

Choose your result currency:
This is the currency Amazon pays you in.
Indicate your number of KU reads:
Leave this field empty if your books are not in KU.
Projected KENP:
This is an estimate of how Amazon will pay you for each page read.
It takes in account KENP variations across international stores.
You can edit this number if you want.
Copy-paste your Amazon royalties table below:
The royalties tables is at the bottom of your Reports page.
Do not include column labels.

Help with using KDPWiz

What is this tool?
This 100% anonymous tool aggregates the sales numbers Amazon gives in various currency, and your page reads, if you provide them, to give you an estimate of the overall income you'll earn, in the currency you're being paid in. For example, I live in Canada and use it in CAD, to predict how much my KDP income in CAD will be for a given period.

What do I copy-paste in the box?
Exactly the zone and numbers you see on the image below. Place your cursor before the 'A' of Amazon.com, and end the selection right after the last numerical value contained in the 'Amazon.com.au' line. Do not select the first line.

There're already numbers in the box!
This just a placeholder, meant to show you how your data should look like once you've copied and pasted it. It will disappear as soon as you enter data in the box.

Official KENP vs Actual KENP:
Because the KENP is lower on platforms other than Amazon.com, substracting 0.0001 from the latest USD KENP gives you a decent idea of what your real overal KENP will be, come paytime. KENP for April 2018 was 0.0045, so I'm suggesting 0.0044 as the KENP used to estimate your final income.

How reliable is your projection:
Currency conversion and KENP rates may vary by the time Amazon effectively pays your royalties. KDPWiz's numbers are the most accurate projection we are able to provide at a given time, but in no way guarantee future income.

About me / Contact

This tool was developed by Camilla Monk (that would be me), traditionally and self-published author of romantic suspense, urban paranormal and dark fantasy.

I developed the first version of KDPWiz for myself, back in 2017, and have since improved on it to make it available to everyone for free. :) You can use the form on my website to contact me with any bug report or suggestion.